Some reasons why most couples break up!


Many couples go into a relationship with excitement and feeling that this partner is the one for them. This attraction they have may feel magical and kind of feels like love at first sight. Sometimes some couples cannot explain what happened to their relationship because it was going so great in the beginning. Guys, ITS ALWAYS great in the beginning, I can speak through experience.

Have you ever been in a relationship where it felt like the passion randomly starts to fade and everything started going wrong?  You start to realize more and more that this isn’t the right person and you come to make a decision for yourself. If communication is clear there’s usually confusion and people are left asking why they got to that point. Well here are a few common reasons why couples break up.

Feelings. There is a difference between infatuation and love. At the beginning of the relationship your feelings for your significant other are very strong. You seem to have a great connection and can’t get enough of each other. I call this the “honeymoon” or infatuation phase. It’s filled short-lived passion and lust, both of which contribute to your love for someone but it can’t be the foundation. The problem with this stage is that it can make you feel and think that you are in love with that person, when in reality you’re not. According to Psychology today “the experience of infatuation is temporary. “Temporary” however, can range from minutes to years. The question then has to do with how we deal with the inevitable let-down when that loving feeling is lost. One way is to look for someone else with whom you can recreate this experience. Some people are so in love with the feeling of falling in love (another term for infatuation), that they become serial lovers, sometimes in the hopes of finding that person with whom there will be no fading effect”. The basis of a long-lasting relationship is a deep affection for someone that last the test of time. I call this love.

Couples often find themselves trying to maintain this passion they had in the beginning, however as bad and disappointing as it sounds, our feelings can occasionally start vanishing without any particular reason. This is probably the time where you should start evaluating your relationship and determine whether you should fight for your relationship or end it.

Cheating. Cheating usually involves interacting with the opposite sex or same sex if you’re in a homosexual relationship that is considered inappropriate. People may view cheating differently because it is so complex. What may be ok in one relationship, may not be in another. When an individual cheat in a relationship, the outcome of this betrayal is a loss of trust.

I never had to experience this firsthand, well from what I know. I am an FBI agent so if someone did cheat on me, they must also work for the FBI lol. Infidelity can ruin a great relationship. If the other person isn’t willing to forgive you, then you’ve sacrificed your relationship for a temporary moment of passion. It wasn’t worth it.

When you cheat, you change the entire dynamic of your relationship. Even, explaining to your significant other why you cheated can cause even more tension. Sometimes there is no recovery from deception. There a few relationships where the couples are able to overcome the breakdown of their relationship. More power to them! Not me, you cheat you’re out of here. Boy Bye!!!

Different goals. When you first start dating someone, getting to know their career ambitions, family goals, and how they want to live their life is very important. We all have a mind of our own and different ideas. When people meet and start being in a relationship they don’t always discuss these thoughts. They find out their differences after they are in deep into the relationship.

Finding someone who has the same goals as you will make your life easier. TRUST ME! You can’t possibly move in the same direction, when the other is heading another way. A relationship is a partnership, and both individuals must work together to achieve success. Yea I’ve heard the saying “opposites attract” but it reduces your chances of a successful relationship. You can be interested in different hobbies but goals must be aligned. 

Sexually unsatisfied. Sorry to break it to you but sex is a big part of a relationship. It may not be for some, but majority of relationships play a huge factor. Finding out what your partner is into in the beginning of the relationship is crucial. Some men and women have weird fetishes, so this must be discussed to determine whether you can live up to their needs.

Funny story. I remember one of my friends started dating this guy and sex came up in a conversation. One of his needs were that he wanted his nipples sucked during intercourse. She was a little freaked out about it because she didn’t know that men were into that. She did her research and Dr. Google mentioned that in fact many men love their nipples sucked. So, she was like ok let’s try this and nope not for her. His nipples were very furry and he could’ve probably been able to braid it LMAO.

Everyone has expectations in a relationship and they have to be communicated. Our expectations usually change over time. Updating your mate will reduce chances of frustration in your relationship.

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24 thoughts on “Some reasons why most couples break up!

  1. Great post! And I agree with a lot of your points. Aligning goals is the biggest thing for me! If you want something that your partner doesn’t, it can turn the relationship south in no time! I wish ppl knew how important it is to be equally yolked!


  2. I totally agree with you, Lory. These are valid points. When the two of you have different goals and perception about life can be really difficult to create a future with the both of you. Thank you for sharing 🙂


  3. As a couples therapist, I would have to agree with this list! However, I am a firm believer that with open communication and for each individual in the relationship to start sharing their needs, the damage can be repaired and couples can strengthen, rather than break, their bond. Great article!

    Heather |


  4. Love that you’re willing to talk about the difficult stuff!! These are all extremely important to keep in mind when trying to have a healthy relationship. Thanks to you, everyone who read this post will be a little bit more aware of how they interact with their partner! Thanks for sharing!


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