We fall in- love with 3 people in our lifetime!

Hi Guys!

I know I haven’t posted in a while. I am very sorry ☹ I have been extremely busy!!!

I was on Facebook the other day and I saw this post that talked about 3 different kinds of love we encounter in our lifetime. I found it very interesting because not too long ago I had the same conversation with my aunt. I am not a relationship guru by all means but I believe this has applied in my life so I thought I would share.

We fall in-love with 3 people in our lifetime. Each of these people you have encountered for a specific reason.


First Love:

We all remember our first love. I know I do! This kind of love usually happens when we are really young, either high school or our early 20s. The two of you are unstoppable, cant get enough of each other, always together, you guys are like attached to each other hips. Well, eventually you guys grow apart. You may even break up over something really silly.

When you look back at this relationship, you realize that it wasn’t true love. I mean it may have been love, but it was the kind of love YOU THOUGHT would last forever.

Second Love:

This love is VERY TOUGH! It hits you so hard when it ends, that you may give up on love all together. This second love brings you lots of pain, drama, damage and even abuse (more so mental). It is hard for you to even date after this relationship because in your heart you are still in love with this person.

This relationship has many lessons and you start to realize what is important in a partner and what is not, what you really need in life and what you don’t. Some of us need to understand the difference of what we need and what we want. This love actually makes you stronger and makes you grow as an individual.

Third Love: 

This love kind of comes out of nowhere and creeps on you unexpectedly. This is the love that just plops on your lap (well not really but you surely didn’t go looking for it). This relationship is kind of weird in the beginning, because this person is not the “type” of person you’ll actually go for. Let’s think about this for a second, is the “type” of man or woman we admire so much, the “type” of person we need or want? Is the “type” of man or woman we admire so much by physical attraction which leads us to like them.

Well this love is not the same from the 2 previous loves and they may look nothing like them as well.  You’ll actually find yourself caring and thinking about this person without even trying.  You start loving this person for them and find the beauty in their blemishes. You two talk about EVERYTHING, like literally everything while one is on the toilet and the other in the shower. You guys are just so comfortable with each other.

This love you actually have evaluated so many times because you weren’t so sure but as much as you try to put up a wall, it breaks down every time. This love is the kind of love you needed all this time. The person who treats you like a queen or king, the person who’ll walk down the street to get you your favorite ice cream because you’re craving it, the person who wants to work as a team to build each other up, the person who’ll go to different stores to find you that skirt you’ve been wanting in your right size, the person who listens to all your men and women issues, and the person who would set up your doctors appointments because they care about your health. This love actually doesn’t complain much either.

If you have found this kind of love HOLD ON TIGHT!!! This seems like the one you should marry and spend the rest of your life with. You want to thank God for this love because he has created this person just for you 😊

Be mindful that love can blind you from obvious red flags. Your third love will be different and it might seem like a red flag but give them a chance to prove themselves in time. 

Remember people will show you who they are!

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