Puerto Rico

Photographer Red Lady Carnival Liquor

We all remember hurricane Maria last October and how the news made it seem majority of the island was hammered. You may think it is off limits for 2018 travel, but honestly the news always overacts everything. I stayed in Old San Juan, and it wasn’t as bad as the news portrayed it to be. Yes there was a few damages, but you still can visit and have an amazing time.  There are plenty of reasons to visit Puerto Rico.

Colorful streets of Old San Juan

Old San Juan is probably Puerto Rico’s most-visited spot. Is is such a colorful, beautiful place and I enjoyed strolling down the street. Its colorful buildings, and street art makes this town alive and contemporary. I haven’t been to a place as colorful as Puerto Rico.




Fort San Felipe del Morro

This place is a MUST SEE. Fort San Felipe del Morro, also known as Castillo San Felipe del Morro or Morro Castle. This forte is often the first stop on most first time visitor’s sightseeing list. Bring water, comfortable clothes and shoes. I did a photoshoot there and I must say walking around in a gown was very uncomfortable.


Photographer Red Lady Carnival Liquor

Photographer Red Lady Carnival Liquor

The Food

I love trying different types of cuisines from different cultures. I always feel that Spanish food in the states is not the same as where the food originated from. The food in Puerto Rico was AMAZING. These are the 2 places I would recommend to grab breakfast and dinner.

Chocobar Cortes in Old San Juan. If you love chocolate on your pancakes or waffles, this is the place to go. I am extremely picky when it comes to food, and I went there twice 🙂


Barrachina is also located in Old San Juan, just one block from La Fortaleza. The food was great and the employees were very warm, and friendly. The magnificent tropical foliage is the birthplace and home of the world famous piña colada. I personally do not like piña colada, but in Puerto Rico it tastes so much better.


Museo De Arte De Puerto Rico

If you like museums, you will definitely enjoy the Museum of Art of Puerto Rico. It is located in San Juan.


Here are some beautiful paintings that  I saw.




Interesting Fact

After the hurricane, the Puerto Rican flag was painted over the roots of the fallen tree by an artist. I thought that was very interesting and when I saw this, it showed me that this country is very prideful of where they are from no matter the circumstances.


37 thoughts on “Puerto Rico

  1. As a teacher in Georgia, we had SO MANY students come to our schools after the hurricane last year. So sad! But I’m glad that the island is recovering and tourism in on the upswing. Your photos are gorgeous!


  2. I fell in love with the Carribean after I visited the first time. Beautiful islands, beautiful people and great food. My wife is from Haiti so we know first hand the destruction that these hurricanes cause. It is so sad to see but at the same time so happy to see they are slowly but surely rebuilding. It is a beautiful island.


  3. Puerto Rico is one of my favourite places to visit and I have been traveling there for 10 years!! (I live nearby in the BVI) It was devastating to see the damage after hurricane Maria but they have worked so hard to get back on their feet! Parts of PR still didn’t even have power until August of this year! So glad that you enjoyed your trip, San Juan really is beautiful! Be sure to try Marmalade restaurant next time – it’s the best! Charlie xo

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    • When I went to Barrachina, I got rice, beans, plantains with fish. I love seafood and I think that was one of the best meals I had. People always recommend to try the dish called mofongo. I didn’t try it but next time I visit I definitely will.


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