Lory Toussaint



Lory Toussaint is a graduate student at Nova Southeastern University majoring in Mental Health Counseling. While attending school full time, she works at a substance abuse rehab center as a Client Services and Data Manager. Her end goal is to have her own outpatient practice as a counselor so working there is an amazing opportunity. Lory has become more aware of the symptoms and solutions which she knows will only make her a better counselor and leader. Working for this company has also put her in contact with people from a wide spectrum with intricate histories and addictions.

Besides work, she is currently completing her internship at a foster care group home in Pembroke Pines, FL. in order to complete her Masters degree. She chose this program because Lory knew her personal experience could relate to there’s and that she could provide a positive point of reference. Seeing the smiles on their faces, and knowing that she can be a role model to these children confirms that this was a good decision.

In addition to school and work, Lory is also a business woman. She is one of the owners of The GEM Talent Agency.  This is a licensed boutique model and talent agency based out of South Florida founded in 2016. Its mission is to inspire, encourage, and enhance their talent’s ability to express their art. You must be wondering how does she own a business, work full time and go to school, well Lory always says “you can accomplish anything you put your mind too.”

The goal, as she transition into the next phase in her life, is to continue to help others, grow her business and also develop herself as a person. Lory plans to graduate grad school by fall 2018, obtain a position at a local practice as a counselor and then use that experience, network, and confidence to open up her own practice in the near future. Lory is looking forward to what comes next and making continuing use of her background as fuel to contribute positivity into society.